Mountain Cabin



Summer farm

(A seterhytte is a place where farmers(-wifes mostly) used to spent the summer with the animals on the top of the mountain. Mostly simple cabins without modern conveniences.)

> Take your walk from here!

You can find the meaning of life here! Experience pure silence! Only the sound of a summer breeze, a hare or a black grouse that takes off from a bush on its way up to the worlds most simple and surely best summer farm. Only 10 minutes from well stocked fish waters. One hour by foot til you get there.

If your daily life is stressed, with lots of pressure from work, than this would be the perfect place to regain strength and find your inner peace again. Bring a good book, lean back in that easy chair and experience the calm of a real summer farm.

Our guests can freely stay overnight and use the summer farm.


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